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A blog for my art, unfinished doodles, sketches and completed pieces.
Expect fanart as well as original scribbles.
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    I should rename my blog “things facing left & sometimes skulls”

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    madammaria asked: If you're still taking suggestions, a sloth?



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    zenity asked: UHM draw.... an anteater :'D



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    defcons replied to your post “requests/suggestions open”

    MMMOOOOORRRRDDDDIIIINNNNNN he is my forever girl but draw whatever and have fun!!!! Well done for drawin!!!

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    requests/suggestions open

    I just wanna work on some things without thinking too hard, get some practice in and maybe draw some new things!

    Depending on what/how many I get I might not draw them all, but I’ll have a go!

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    #text post  #not art  #i'm off to bed now so i'll work on them tomorrow